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Policies & Procedures Management Software

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How Does it Work ?

Compliance teams must manage numerous policies on different topics, so an efficient policy and procedure management system is of utmost importance. An effective and well-managed set of policies can make a Healthcare Organization’s activities streamlined by communicating boundaries and protocols, establishing a culture of compliance within the organization, protecting the organization from litigation.

Intruno’s Policy and Procedure Management helps with the process of creating and maintaining policies and procedures within an organization. It replaces potential disarray, establishing a simple standard system for managing policy lifecycle, assessing, tracking, and managing changes. Intruno gives everyone in your organization direct and quick access to the policies and procedures they need.

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Who Are The Conventional Users Of The Intruno Platform ?

Compliance Officer/ Privacy Officer

Intruno helps you to perform executive level review of cases & investigations, track litigations and ensure the organization’s compliance with various State & Federal regulations.

Chief Security Officer/ CIO

Intruno helps your team to perform security risk assessments, track data breach investigations and enables you to provide input into privacy & breach investigation cases from an IT security perspective.

Compliance/Privacy Analyst

Intruno helps you with daily review of Anomalies and Alerts for organizational policy violations, helps to automate follow ups with users/ supervisors and quickly complete investigations.

Chief Integrity/ Responsibility Officer

Intruno helps you to better prepare for board level reporting for all corporate compliance matters and provides executive status of major events investigated across any geographic region or individual facility.

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