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Patient Privacy Monitoring

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Key Advantages Includes

  • One location of all data
  • Customized workflow fitted to your privacy program
  • Expert consultants to evaluate your privacy program
  • Summary reporting
  • Readily available OCR audit support
  • Support to your privacy team to free up resources



Evaluating access from raw data logs is a daunting task. This is especially true if it has to be done manually from multiple feeds such as Epic, Allscripts, Lawson, Cerner etc. The effort causing additional time and resourcing spent researching. Reviewing and determining the events and story pertaining to the users actions based on their use of metrics/routine names.
The use of an audit tool can actually help take unstructured raw data and weave it into an intricate fabric. Allowing for patterns and anomalies to be seen. This provides the investigator a comprehensive story of both the users activities and of the patients care flow. And documentation and cataloging of the work done can be shown for proactive monitoring.

Intruno Helps Healthcare Organizations To Proactively Ensure Patient Privacy And Regulatory Compliance

Proactive Detection & Analysis

Intruno automatically detects and reports user’s access that puts patient privacy at risk. Privacy Analysts will not have to do any manual searching of inappropriate or unapproved use of Patient’s data, which can be akin to ‘finding a needle in a haystack’. With fully automatic integration, Privacy & Compliance teams do not have to rely on IT teams to provide reports for further analysis. All data is available in a single dashboard panel.

Comprehensive Incident/investigation management system to track and maintain a forensic repository

It’s important to understand typical employee work patterns. Having a clear picture of what is routine and what is anomalous can help uncover potentially noncompliant and risky activities even if unintentional.

Automatic detection of policy violations

Unique data analytics automatically understand the appropriate job duties of each person accessing Patient’s data. This enables the accurate detection and reporting of worker activities that put Patient’s data privacy at risk.

Workflow to autocorrect and educate employees/users violating

It is imperative to impart training to your users about your organizational policies and that EHR/EMR access is actively being monitored by an AI based surveillance tool tracking any and all policy violations. Auto Correct workflow system automatically notifies users &/or their supervisors of any such violations, without needing the active involvement of the Compliance/Privacy Team.

How Does it Work ?

  • Intruno’s Machine Learning based technology detects privacy violations and data breaches in Healthcare EMR/EHR applications by creating a digital fingerprint of every user and sends prompt alerts of any suspicious behavior that deviates from the established baseline. This helps to save time and provides a ‘pro-active’ ability for the Compliance, Privacy & Security Teams to identify risks promptly.
  • The Patient Privacy product suite has a set comprehensive capability including Automatic detection of policy violations, workflow to autocorrect and educate employees/users violating, as well as comprehensive Incident/investigation management system to track and maintain a forensic repository of all things pertaining to an investigation.
  • This system also ties into a fully integrated incident tracking system that automatically pulls in-patient and user information for smooth information gathering from users and managers/supervisors alike.
  • Before each Alert/Policy Violation is generated, the system automatically rules out appointments, patient referrals,
    and PCP relationships between user-patient

Who Are The Conventional Users Of The Intruno Platform ?

Compliance Officer/ Privacy Officer

Intruno helps you to perform executive level review of cases & investigations, track litigations and ensure the organization’s compliance with various State & Federal regulations.

Chief Security Officer/ CIO

Intruno helps your team to perform security risk assessments, track data breach investigations and enables you to provide input into privacy & breach investigation cases from an IT security perspective.

Compliance/Privacy Analyst

Intruno helps you with daily review of Anomalies and Alerts for organizational policy violations, helps to automate follow ups with users/ supervisors and quickly complete investigations.

Chief Integrity/ Responsibility Officer

Intruno helps you to better prepare for board level reporting for all corporate compliance matters and provides executive status of major events investigated across any geographic region or individual facility.

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