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Learning Management System

The Best HIPAA Compliant LMS for your Training & Testing Requirements

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LMS Can Help Prevent Privacy & Data Breaches

Every task your staff performs affects the Patient’s health, privacy & security—whether they are in a patient-facing role or not. It’s absolutely crucial to provide training on sensitive data and information, keeping it secure at all times. A well-implemented Learning Management System will help to effectively organize training courses, track learner’s progress, and improve the learning experience – while also reducing the cost of incidents and lawsuits.

Cost of a Healthcare Data Breach

Intruno’s cloud-based LMS module is designed as a self-paced training & testing platform for any number of employees/users. 

It facilitates the registration and tracking of learners in competency-based courses for compliance. They can complete online quizzes and track their continuing education to stay in compliance. Administrators can track the progress of individuals or groups of users and set predefined success criteria.

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