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About Us

Notable Recognition

Formerly known as Cognetyx, Intruno provides healthcare organizations a new, high-performance solution to safeguard patient health records.

  • Intruno reduces the risk of data breaches and privacy violations from stolen credentials by outside hackers as well as from malicious insiders.
  • Intruno does this by leveraging the art and science of Machine Learning.
  • Intruno provides healthcare organizations with a virtual shield that is cognitive, adaptive, evolving and constantly monitors all user activity across your enterprise EMR.
  • Intruno learns, understands, recognizes & remembers normal user habits, patterns and behavior across all EMR applications in their day to day work.
  • We call this Ambient Cognitive Surveillance
  • Intruno is able to detect and isolate anomalous user activity, thereby mitigating risk rapidly – before extensive damage is done.

Core Values

Our values define who we are and distinguish us in the industry. They are the compass for our actions and beliefs, guiding how we work with each other and how we serve our customers.


We seek to constantly maintain a professional demeanor while conducting business, and delivering exemplary customer experience in a professional manner.


Continuously improving our platform and our business to suit our customers’ needs and governmental requirements.


We are a culture that builds security for companies and their clients.

Team Work

Communicate actively with our customers, vendors and each other to bring about the best product and experience.

Ambient Cognitive SurveillanceTM
Protecting Your Information Assets Against Data Breaches & Privacy Violations